Bringing People And B[r]ands Closer Together

Through Purposeful Design

Capturing Iconic Moments

And Making Epic Art


MoonFrog: we're the rhythm behind your brand. United by a love for music, arts, and entertainment, our 20-year marketing expertise doesn't just connect brands to audiences—it turns them into fan-favorites. We're strategists and storytellers, infusing fun into every campaign. With MoonFrog, marketing isn't just a job—it's a performance that leaves a lasting encore. Ready to turn up the volume on your brand? Connect with MoonFrog today!

  • Photography
  • Design & Branding
  • Experience Design
  • Digital & User Interface Design
  • Creative Writing
  • Communication Strategy
  • Illustration & Fine Arts
Record stand
shadow portrait Tommy taking pictures
Mick Jager
Bloody Mary
MoonFrog end table Dave Grohl rocking out
MoonFrog fistillery
mounting art
About us MoonFrog shirt
Tommy shooting with baby Etta

Meet Our Leadership

Tom Dorgan Tom Dorgan

Tom Dorgan

Photography Director/Partner

Shannon Gentry Shannon Gentry

Shannon Gentry

Communication Director/Partner

Eric Dorgan Eric Dorgan

Eric Dorgan

Creative Director/Partner